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  • UKALA and NLA Membership

    On The Move is a member of UKALA (The UK Association of Letting Agents) who are associated with the NLA and being a Landlord herself, Jo Brining is a member of the NLA (National Landlords Association).

    There are many benefits to Membership with UKALA including the following:

    Registration with the Property Redress Scheme

    Telephone Advice Line

    Client Money Protection

    Tax Investigation Insurance

    Joining the NLA Recognised Supplier Scheme

    Receipt of the flagship NLA publication; UK Landlord

    Access to Courses and Meetings in support of continued professional development

    Further information can be found via the following links:


    National Landlords Association

  • Guild of Lettings and Management

    On The Move is also a member with the Guild of Lettings & Management who have supported the company since it was first launched in January 2013.

    Similarly to that of UKALA and the NLA, the Guild provides us with access to advice and guidance when matters arise. The Team are very knowledgeable and to date, have provided us with excellent support, advice and guidance when required.

    Access to updated documentation is readily available and with the constant changes in legislation and compliance, this is key to ensuring our Landlords, Tenants and their properties are as up to date as they can be.

    Guild of Lettings & Management

  • Property Redress Scheme

    Why do we have a redress scheme?

    Agents must have a method of redress available to their Clients so that in the event of a complaint that cannot be resolved through the in-house process, the Client has the opportunity to seek further independent advice and/or investigation.

    On The Move is a member of the Property Redress Scheme and their details can be found via the following link:

    Property Redress Scheme

  • Client Money Protection

    What is a Client Money Protection scheme?

    It is a legal requirement for all Letting Agents to join a Client Money Protection Scheme for the benefit of their clients, typically Tenants and Landlords, in order to safeguard money they hold on their clients’ behalf.

    In the event that the owners of the business steal or misappropriate any of this money there is a route of redress against the letting agent by contacting the Scheme and claiming against the Scheme. If a genuine claim is accepted by the Scheme, the Scheme will recompense the Landlord or Tenant and seek recovery from the Letting Agent or its owners.

    A Client Money Protection scheme does not act on behalf of the Letting Agent. It is an independent membership body that provides the protection of client money whilst held by its members and the Scheme insures its liability for the payment of any claims.

    On the Move has CMP as part of their membership with UKALA and more detail can be found via this link:

    Client Money Protection

  • Deposit Protection Scheme

    What is a Deposit Scheme for and why do we need one?

    Deposits must be protected with one of three schemes: Deposit Protection Service (DPS), MyDeposits, or the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

    The deposit funds paid by the Tenant must be registered with the relevant scheme within 30 days of receipt and upon completion, the scheme sends out a certificate to the Landlord/Agent and the Tenants.

    At On the Move, our deposits are registered and transferred to our Custodial Scheme held by the Deposit Protection Service. The following link will provide you with more detail:

    Deposit Protection Service